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Health & Wellness Support

Health & Wellness

Puzzle Pieces

A review of your health goals, combined with a thorough review of your mental, physical, and spiritual health, daily habits, stress and more. We will start to put the pieces of your health & wellness puzzle together.


We are each so unique in our makeup. The supplement or diet that worked for someone you know, may not work the same for you. That is why health plans are tailored to you- to get you back to feeling more like yourself.

Long-Term Support

With a 3 month plan, you gain access to weekly calls & regular check-ins, so you are able to stay on top of your health goals, pivot what is and isn’t working, and watch as your build progress over time. 

You've come to the right place, so the question is: Are you ready?

Health & Wellness Plans

The Obstacle

Most of us know we should eat "healthier", exercise more and change our daily habits. Yet, we struggle to do so. Perhaps we are held back by our thoughts & beliefs, knowledge, lack of support or the overwhelming 'wellness' information out there.

The Solution

With education at the forefront, no more guessing 'what is right for you'- it's time for education and empowerment. With individualized action plans, and weekly check-in's you are able to stay on top of your goals and finally make the health changes you've wanted.


Individual sessions are $260USD/hour, with 3 and 6-month health plans available to support you on your health & wellness journey.

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“What if people are like gardens, and doctors are gardeners- an ally to health and healing."
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