The internet has become my tool for inspiring a health & wellness revolution. Here you'll find no-BS,  natural resources, rooted in tradition, backed by science to help empower you on your healing journey.


Elimination Diet

Are you feeling icky? If it's not bloating, it's gas and if not that then it's a headache. Could it be the foods you are eating are wreaking havoc on your gut? The Elimination Diet is a great place to start, even before you might do a food sensitivity test. Want to learn more? Click below. 
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Water as Therapy

Hydrotherapy, also know as water cure, is a form of medicine that utitlizes the power of water to help heal. Are you feeling swollen? Joint Pain? Or often times feeling too cold or too hot? This might be what you need. Learn more below

Stay Tuned

This is just the beginning. I am researching and writing daily, prepapring news, health information and anything else that might be relevant to empower you on your journey to wellness. 
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