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Health & Wellness Expert



Are you a wellness focused entrepreneur? Are you looking for a professional & expert to collaborate with? I am here to help guide you on all things science & wellness.


Using biochemical knowledge and my clinical experience of what actually works, I help create powerful formula's whether you are revamping or building from scratch.


Preventative medicine is the future. With my expertise, I can help you bridge the healthcare gap between conventional and integrative medicine.

Looking for a like-minded expert to collaborate on your wellness journey?  

Let's get in touch. 

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"Alyssa’s knowledge and passion for her field was clear from the start. As a natural-born educator, she was able to explain complex scientific concepts in a way that was easy to understand and remember. Alyssa was going the extra mile to ensure the project was completed to my full satisfaction."

Rachel Kirby, CEO Cocoon Skin

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